Sunday, February 28, 2016

"Great Recession Eats Pontiac"

( From my 2010 Archives. )

If there ever was a symbol of the American Empire it was our seriously cool big cars. Pontiac was one of these, and a doorway symbol into the middle class.

Sort of like being first generation university student, first suburban house, all that. Well ya can kiss all that gleeful noise goodbye.

Pontiac from General Motors is toast. After 84 years of tempting Yank working stiffs onto the Interstates it's gone. Like the American Dream that it symbolized for generations Pontiac is History.

Ah!,...the wonderful giant gas guzzlers that could barely fit into your garage or any reasonable sized parking spots are vaporized. I remember riding around in my uncle's 1959 Pontiac.

It was like be driven about in an vast aircraft carrier with stereo radio, air conditioning, and automatic windshield washer. Course there were no safety features whatever.

That sort of thing was for the French, and librarians.

So if we were in even a 'minor' accident me, and uncle would fly through the windshield, getting shredded, beheaded, and set on fire all at the same time.

'But hey the Interstates ain't for sissies!

I loved it.

Yeah my extended family, my aunts, uncles, assorted cousins, my mom 'n dad were finally at the entry level of the Grand Post War American Middle Class.

This btw at the absolute peak of the American Empire! ( ya hearts out you selfish, uneducated millennials.) We owned the the damned planet, and they could kiss our nuclear powered butt if they didn't like it.

Oh we shall never see such days again.

Stay Tuned.

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