Monday, February 22, 2016

"Oscar, and Leo"

Oscar Wilde, and Leo da Vinci look over the Maestro's new portraits of Che's little known twin brother Eddy.

Unlike his deranged brother Che. Eddy spent his life quietly. He was a school bus driver, and part-time accordion repair man in Dayton Ohio.

The most exciting thing that ever happened to Ed Guevara was his meeting Walt Disney in a gay bar in Berlin in 1958.

Mr. Disney paid Eddy two million dollars to keep quiet about their one night stand.

True to his word Eddy kept Walt's secret, and his money

Btw he gave most of the dough to his brother Che for the Revolution. Che put it to good use too.

So we can indirectly thank Walt Disney for Castro, the Revolution, ...extra judicial executions, I'm sure they meant well,  and generations of Che t-shirts.

Anyway this is why Leonardo da Vinci is honoring Che's quiet, and unassuming brother with a series of Andy Worholesque portraits.

...imagine that.

Stay Tuned.

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