Friday, February 19, 2016

"Veggie Time"

It's finally happened. I'm eating "healthy' because the alternative is I drop dead. Which I think might be a drag. Yeah I knew this was coming what with each episode of illness being a zillion times worse than the last.

So Veggies it is.

Oh, but how I long for cake...yes cake with thick thick icing laid on with a trowel! Burgers fries ribs baked ham, and potato salad all washed down with icy cherry Cokes!

Did I mention pizza in all it's wondrous varieties?

Oh fare thee well land'o grease sugar, and "orange drinks". Hello stuff that grows out of the dirt. Swell just bleeping swell.

Anyway there's Alphonse, Mickey's clone, and stunt double above, and below. He's in, and amongst the fixings of a veggie soup I'm constructing. I really want it to be a soup this time instead of a stew which usually happens.

I'll let ya know how this turns out later.

Stay tuned.


  1. Well it's about time! I wish you hadn't had to have all these yucky episodes to get there. They scare me.

    Like an annoying do-gooder, I'll remind you: hie thee down to TJ's, pick up some frozen raspberries - they should have organic - and throw them in the blender with juice and bananas. It'll be fucking *delicious*! OK, so there's no grease, no salt - life is tough. This is as good as it's gonna get, short of having your own personal harem full of Charlie clones.

    Maybe we can arrange for some really good life-size ball-jointed dolls..


  2. It came out as Soup!

    Yep...I did it like a model plane piece at a time with careful monitoring of the simmering. Taste great too!

    Raspberries ya say...I'll take a tentative step in that direction...thanks comrade...and remember Make Art!!!