Tuesday, February 9, 2016

"A Queer Moment"

I thought it would be nice to have a few Queer moments. I'm mostly retired from all that happy noise, but sometimes I like to remember. Actually it was a fucked up mess. A fun mess, but fucked up nonetheless. 

I'm from them gleeful pre-Stonewall daze. 

Nobody was inviting us to the White House nor did we have sitcoms. I remember in my happy teen years getting caught in a raid on a Queer cafe. This on Cornelius street in the West Village. That's back when it was a Queer Ghetto. In these enlightened times Fag book stores, and Queer 'hoods are passe.

Oh Brave New World how totally full of Shit you are.

Still I'm amazed at what only 48 years of bleeding, and internal movement betrayal did. Well actually it's centuries, and centuries, but I'm too tired to do a Queer history rant. Suffice to say we've been at this a long time. 

I mean heck look at this Greek pot from ten thousand years ago. Pretty saucy no?

Anyway as ya knows too well I'm not crazy about the Straight Gay mainstreaming noise. A lot of perverts got kicked out of the party to get all this surface acceptance. I'm a pervert, and happy to be one thank you. 

Word to the wise. We could lose all this "...we just love our gay neighbors"stuff in a blink of a pigs rectum. So watch ya backs comrades.  ...get da picture?

Good,...now go out, and play.

(Yeah that's one of my very !NAKED! Queer Faerie Angels up at the very top there.)

..nice huh?

"...if my thought dreams could be seen they put my head in a guillotine.."

I think some billionaire ex-hippie wrote that.

Stay Tuned.

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