Tuesday, February 9, 2016

"Dear Uncle Speaks to the Masses"

Dear Beloved Uncle Sydney during these festive warm winter months modestly suggests that all 'good' Comrades display the above flag of our Heroic Peoples National Commune. 

It displaces those inconvenient white, and probably racist stars with items much more practical to current Five Year Plans. As Dear Uncle likes to say, 

"...It catches the eye." 

Dear Most Honored, and Beloved Uncle Sydney, Heartful Defender of the Masses Biblical scholar, and part-time Queer Comix Book Artist is seen here once again in his favorite disguise as that 'other' famous "Uncle". 

"I so enjoy the cosmic irony of it all". Sez our most forthright, and Correct Uncle. 

Dear Beloved Uncle despite the current weird, and extreme winter heat gripping the tender throat the Peoples Emerald City. Supports the struggling winter coat, and pantyhose workers by himself wearing their new winter line of retro jackets, and comical tunics.

"Anything I can do for the tireless workers of the youth market is to the general good. Indeed I've purchased several of these retro murderous dictator outfits for the Peoples Halloween Parade". 

Uncle reminds us to vote in 2016 to oust the dreaded Tea Party rascals from the Peoples Congress.  Sez Beloved Wise, and fashion conscious Uncle, 

"...In the old days I would have just had these scalawags 'shot'."

"I'd have shot them their families, and relatives up to fifth cousins. It was a most effective, and entertaining tonic for dealing with annoying revisionists elements."

"Also as you recall my hobby of liquidating certain politicians assorted poets writers, and in particular pastry chefs that could never get the proper balance of whipped cream to cake for example."

Yes we all remember those slap stick trials. These orchestrated by Uncle himself while in Monty Python judges drag. He gleefully sent assorted enemies of the Masses to their deserved fates. 

"However these days we vote", sez Uncle.

"So get out there, and Vote." 

"Remember", sez our Beloved Champion, "It ain't how many votes ya gets it's who counts them."

Dear Uncle still in his favorite disguise as that other interesting "Uncle" takes time out from his labors on his obscure Pod-program to wish all Loyal Comrades a happy, and productive warm humid late winter!

Stay Tuned.

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