Tuesday, February 9, 2016

"28 Hours Later" ...part VII

Went out for a bit just now. I feel like I'm stoned...walking was like floating. I happened on some nice folks doing good by giving away them free "Obama Phones". Kid asked, "...would you like a free phone mister...it has a camera texting..."

I stopped him in mid-pitch.

I said I was from a time when a phone was used just to call people...he said, "Oh this does that too!"

"Oh brave new world with such weird crap in it."

Anyway they was all sweet, and helpful so I said "sure" why not. Now I have two phones. One for each ear. I chatted with the youngsters told them how in my daze there was one that's 'one' telephone per home. Everybody had to share it, and your folks wanted to know who you were calling...and why.

Gawd forbid your dope connection gay boy or girl friend or some other threat to the natural order called you. I remember once when I was a teenager my not quite boy friend called up, and my Mom intercepted my big chance for a blow job.

One phone per-house led to all manner of complications.

Anyhow I stumbled on just making it to the drug store before barfing, and or passing out. I got my Meds. I took the damned pills right there in the store I was so bleeped up. They know me there, and were concerned, "...are you alright Mr. Smith?"

I could have said "Wadda you think?!" "I'm bleeping dying here"...I wanted to barf again...but didn't...thank Satan for Dramamine!

He invented it for junkies winos, and jet fighter pilots.

Of course I wasn't rude to my pals at the shop. I was just shaky dizzy barfy, and in very uncertain humor...never let mis-directed anger or weirdness out. It's so hard to fix that sort of thing later.

Well I picked up a few things at the grocery after all that, and wandered home. I may put off the Pod show I mentioned I might do tonight...too bleeped up still.

I really need proper rest.

Since I got back from my medical ordeals I haven't had a full sleep cycle yet. My body is still out there somewhere riding the rapids, and won't stop till it's finished...not even to let me watch the bootleg copy of the "Star Wars" flick that I...eh...ahem..obtained.

Well to bed again. Hopefully this time it'll take. Wish me luck. Loves you all...um well most of you anyway.

Btw remember that competition for a new NYC flag. I just found anotherone, above at top, entered by one of the numerous Lefty political cults, and or bowling clubs here in town...actually it ain't that bad.

 Stay Tuned.

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