Tuesday, February 16, 2016

"Why with the Toys?"

                          "...Because I loves'em. Next question."

Fox News: "So...Uncle, what's with all the toys?"

Uncle: "Cause I Loves'em."

Fox News:"...So then you 'do' believe in Santa."

Uncle: "What?"

Fox News: "...and Faeries, and Angels, and the Free Lunch."

Uncle: "...Yes but..."

Fox News: "So how long have you been a Communist Homosexual?"

Uncle: "Hey I was asked here about my book, "The Sandman, and Me."

Fox News: "...And you spent decades pushing your agenda on the air."

Fox News" "Would you care to explain your relationship with "Tink?"

Uncle: "...you mean Tinkerbell?"

Fox News" "The possibly underage faerie of your...eh acquaintance."

Uncle: "You nuts she's 648 years old!"

Fox News: "...and Daffy Duck. A known anarchist, and drug addict."

Uncle: "About my book..."

Fox News: "We have found an essay by you, "Satan is my Co-Pilot."

Fox News: "Also a fresco you did depicting Hitler Stalin Reagan, and Nixon in Hell involved together in physically impossible erotic behaviors."

Uncle: Now I can explain that,...see I got a call from Yoko Ono, and..."

Fox News: "Is it true you put 'Vinegar' on your fries,...Like-the-French."

Uncle: "....um...eh."

Fox News: "Uncle...?"

Uncle: "....I need to call my Agent."

Stay tuned.

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