Sunday, February 21, 2016


Just read that Lech Walesa anti-commie father of the new Poland was during the cold war a Communist Secret Agent. Well that's just swell.

So much for heroes. 

They were just sandwiches anyway. I guess this shows that no matter our virtues we're all just bleeped up humans. Seems we've 'all' made serious mistakes, and hide stupid fucked up secrets.

I sure as heck do.

Maybe I'll write a story about them in that book of my stuff I'm pulling together.  This will make it all the more juicer.

I know what'll do.

Chapter 8, "My Real Fucked Up Dirty Secrets"

Then several pages of blank sheets ending with, "...that's what I did not once, but countless times."  ...and I'd do it again!

The readers would be invited before hand to write on the blanks all that they think I was up to. All the bleeped up crap they imagine...or 'know' I did. This with inserted photos charts maps testimonies the works. the most popular part of the book.

I might devote a whole other future volume to just their entries. Then I'd pitch it to Netflix, and finally retire to the standard I so richly de-fucking-serve.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Well ya know Lech Walensa ain't every hero, and what he did doesn't affect them all. Have you noticed that in most cases where nothing else will stick, it's generally sexual secrets that bring the heroes down to a level with the rest of humanity? Such as that MLK slept around. Big fucking deal, that's what I say. People like him are still heroes.


  2. P.S. - The world is still a better place because King lived. That's what I'm getting at.

    Remember Steven Biko? Tortured to death in a South African prison, and hardly mentioned for the last 25 years. Much the same goes for Raoul Wallenberg. Sometimes the greatest are forgotten.


  3. Hey Z... Where can we find your blog???


    It's still kinda rough, cause I'm a blogging newbie, but I got a couple pictures up so far, & more to come. There's also a Wordpress version, in case Blogger goes down.


  5. Thanks Z. I love what you have posted but can't comment since I don't have any of the posting IDs in your comments section. Maybe like Sydney here you could add an "anonymous". As a "Holy Man" here is want I wanted to send you:

    “Mystics are erotic. They intuitively and profoundly understand the sensual pleasures of sexual love and prefer their experience of the divine merely because it is more delectable, more durable, more complete. It is the ambitious ones, not the mystics, who seek to place obstacles on the path of sexual love, since eroticism may become the means (perhaps the only one) of attaining liberation.”
    -Alain Danielou, "Virtue, Success, Pleasure & Liberation, The Four Aims of Life in the Tradition of Ancient India", p.114, 1993

  6. Thanks Anon for the Danielou quote, which I strongly agree with, especially this bit:

    "It is the ambitious ones, not the mystics, who seek to place obstacles on the path of sexual love..."

    In other words, power trippers like to repress sex, for their own benefit and to the cost of other people. It fits perfectly.

    I'll try to fix the bit about anonymous posting. I'm still a newbie at this, so I hope people will be patient with me while I fumble about.