Friday, February 12, 2016



( I wrote this a long time ago it’s one of my fav’s. So here I inflict it on you again.)

I love Nijinsky. As a youth I read everything I could find about him. I
longed over the historic photos that survived. It isn’t that I wanted to
be a dancer. It’s just that his story his strange wonderful painful life

spoke to me.

It touched the very center of my Soul.
Perhaps it’s good that we’re separated by half a world, and now
more than a century of apocalyptic history. Otherwise I would have
followed him about.

If I were 15 or 16 had access to a time machine, and could speak
French German, and Russian I’d be his stalker.

Plot for a short story.

A Queer Colored teenager from the 21st century pursues the object
of his confused dreams. All this amid the intrigues of 1911 Moscow. I
can see Romola Nijinsky’s long suffering wife sitting me down in my
hearts desires study.
She pours me mint tea.

"…young man"
"You must understand that my husband is very busy".

Steam curls above my cup.

"His work is very important, and he can’t be disturbed".

"I just want to see him for a moment I say"
"Please I want to look into his eyes".
"To see his Soul".
"I must understand him".

"I wish the same said Romola,…so do we all that love him."

Reaching for the tea pot Romola asked.

"…does your mother know where you are?"

That’s as far as I take this dream. How to explain to my time
machine becoming a lad again or YouTube.

Stay Tuned.

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