Monday, February 22, 2016

"Dreams, and Whispers"

“The Mass—and I mean every single Mass—is heaven on earth.” – Scott Hahn (The Lamb's Supper)

Here's my problem. So many religions have a similar "Chart" as above. What their rituals look like, and what it really is beyond human senses. Basically spiritual feudalism. Which is no surprise this was the political system in which the "Chart" at least for western Christians was envisioned during.

My whole argument with religion is that it's a man-made institution. 

Eastern Western all of them. There's a reason the spiritual realms...if real, are called "...The Unknown Country". We just don't know. Mystics may have had glimpses, but even those are suspect. The only things we have are cryptic words or phrases that may or may not have been uttered by prophets saints or the Divine. 

Well that or our subjective experiences. 

Mine tell me that something 'is' going on...I just don't know really what. Other than as I've said, "We seem to be part of something Vast, and Wonderful." 

In this I in no way mean to demean the faith of others in their religion. Though man-made I will go as far to say that these institutions may well have been touched by realms beyond ours. The Eucharist the Kabbalah the Four Winds etc. 

It's just that these organizations are as frail fallible, and questionable as we as individuals are. Yes I infer that just as institutions made by humans can have a Divine touch so of course can we as individual persons. 

This all this of course is heresy in all the Abrahamic faiths, and most of the eastern ones...I think I get a break from a few of the Buddhist ones. However if it turns out to be just as the dear Nuns taught us. Well I'm sure that Upper management will have a broad sense of humor about all this. endeth the Sermon.

Stay Tuned.

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