Monday, February 8, 2016

"This Just In"

 The Earth is different very different.

...many small changes adding up to one Big One. 

In talking to folks my age, I'm near 66, we all agree that the snow has changed. There's far less of it, and when it does come it's very wet snow not the fine powdery flakes we once knew. We now get more "slush" rain/snow mix than actual find powder snow.

The change happened in the early 1960's more or less. Also the winds are mostly now from the South/SW in winter, and no longer the North, and N/East. That, and the North Star the Little, and Big Dipper, and all seem to us in 'very' slightly different places. 

That is our common experience. 

I'm talking U.S. Northeast. Like those folks up at the top of the world, see video below, us a bit further down have seen pretty much the same changes. We didn't know what was going on at the time, but we knew something was up. 

Below a world of yuckie Slush.

Anyway "what was going" on turned out to be human caused Planetary Climate change coupled with what seems a slight axis shift. Of course this is all a Liberal Commie Hoax.

So we can relax.

Stay Tuned.

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