Sunday, September 7, 2014


If ya has to be 'somewhere' then the Emerald City is where you ought to be. Sure there's more beautiful safer nicer blah blah 'burgs all over the world, but 'no place' like 'this' particular hell hole.

If you're going to make it or get blown to bits or just get by you'll do all that here in seriously bizarre style. Serious crap that you could never image!

"Headless Body found in Topless Bar"

Yep that headline on the front of the "Post" a while back sums this joint up just fine. For example the other day I was walking around the Lower West Side...see my picture posts of that further down. 

Anyway there I was sitting at a bus stand when this Chinese guy ambles by with his microwave oven on a leash. lie! Thing had little wheels on it, and he was apparently taking it for a walk. 


Nobody batted an eye.

Nope...just another guy taking his kitchen appliance out for a stroll. Btw I was sitting next to a guy with a giant Boa Constrictor around his neck'n lap. Actually that's not all that unusual these days so I guess that one don't count.

'But you gets the idea.

Aw geez I just loves this fucked up town!

Stay Tuned.

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