Sunday, September 7, 2014

"Uncle Sydney's Greatest Feets"

Here for the world to ponder are some of my greatest feets. Note how tidy, and clean my sneakers are though they have clearly been worn for many years.

The first image is from my many many many years of incarceration at a certain Communist Labor Camp fiendishly disguised as a public radio station. I understand the Feds are finally investigating!

The next were from my time as a gardener, and fish tank cleaner at the "Peoples Palace of Harmonious Peace, and Casio" in Shanghai, to the Burger King.

The following one I have no idea. All I remember is some guy on Christopher Street offering me a Peyote Angel Dust cocktail, and I came to the following fall.

(...there was a gold ribbon around my cock so wherever I was I won first prize.)
Ah the next I recall quite well.

Yeah this is the time I put a nickle in a 100 year old dead pay phone under the Williamsburg bridge. This just to see what the hell would happen. Well damned if lights whizzbangs, and sparkles didn't go off sending me back through time'n space! 

I landed butt first in ancient Egypt or somewhere, and these big guys with swords'n whips put me to work building one of them pyramid things. 

(Btw I saw Jimmy Hoffa, and Judge Crater there mixing cement. For you younger folks Google them'll get an eyeful.)

Fortunately just as I was about to be disemboweled for trying to start a union I got zapped back to the more or less present. The nickle had run out, and I landed in front of the Plaza Hotel. This just in time to be racially profiled, and stopped, and frisked by this pissed off cop from Staten Island.

Yep that told me I was home alright.

Stay Tuned. 

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