Wednesday, December 24, 2014

"...A Veil of Tears"

"...but it just kept on raining. A veil of Tears for the Virgin Birth."

( This from "I Believe in Father Christmas" by Greg Lake..see below.)

It's been grey raining, and sad for over a month here in the Emerald City. Too warm for snow this year. Pity that would have calmed things down. More big Demos regards the police killing folks going on.

The Mayor asked for a pause.

This till the two slain Policemen can be laid to rest. No dice. Emotions on both sides are just too raw. We're so far apart these daze. The Heat with their "Blue Wall of Silence". Good cops shut their traps, and let the bad cops commit crimes.

Bad cops rob sometimes rape, and now as Black citizens have said for generations...they Murder. It's all out in the open now. Like a crime committed within a family that all agreed never to talk about.

Well now we're talking.

This could be an opportunity for a new covenant amongst us. Between the Protectors, and the Protected.  A new beginning. All the dirt cleaned out. All the wrongs exposed to light, and healed.

That's my Hope.

Merry Christmas Comrades.

Stay Tuned.

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