Thursday, December 25, 2014

"Bob the Bunny" (tm) Returns!

Santa, and Bob talk business during the shoot. Something about selling off the Elves to the Chinese in exchange for Robots. Bob is expert at Union busting, and disposing of unnecessary employees. .....Hey I never said he was a Saint. 

Our Hero ol' "Bob the Bunny" (tm) has at last returned after several months out in the world on business. Yeah he finally made enough dough selling used 1979 Atari 1600 game sets to the Amazon Indians.

Them things are still fun, but non-addicting.

That, and coloring books, and crayons to the Mongolian Army. With all that he has enough Pesos, and Bolivares to come home, and rest a spell.

Bob btw agrees with me that we should make peace with the Good Cops.

Since most of them are's just the Blue Wall thing that causes the trouble. In fact he asked me to re-post that shot of him schmoozing with that Good Cop last summer.

"For heavens sakes" ...sez Bob. "If a Bunny sock puppet, and his Negro Manager can find common ground with a Good Cop what's your problem". (She had great teeth btw!)

Wiser words never said by a Puppet.

Stay Tuned.

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