Saturday, December 6, 2014

"The VIEW"

The number page views I get here in order of volume are first from the U.S.A. Though as I commented that went down as I posted more, and more items about our ongoing national Race War. I also noted that other countries filled the gap. Apparently interested in that War.

Anyway as I said the U.S. of A. first in view numbers...sometimes. Then comes Russia Germany the Netherlands France the Ukraine the United Kingdom Japan Sweden, and The Peoples Republic of China.

Of course individual hits from places all over the world as well. Even some the Channel Islands of the U.K. 

I remember once on one of my Queer Blogs...I think "Juno 2012" which I was posting in 2010. A blog two years in the future I used to call it.

Anyway "Juno" got regular views from both the "Palestinian Authority", and "Israel". That pleased me no end. These folks actually took time out from murdering each other to enjoy my rantings, and pictures of pretty boys.

See I told you Queerdom was the Hope of the World. 

I bring this up to thank all you cool cats for dropping by so often, and reading my deranged stuff. Around 60k views so far. Mind you in the old daze I got over a Half Million for doing much the same. I think Twitter, and other stuff changed things

Also as some friends have told me, "...them naked people you posted 'may' have something to do with your big numbers."

"Ya Think?"

Really you mean folks would just show up to see naked people?  Humm odd that. Yeah right if it wasn't that "Snotblog Inc." would disappear this page in a Brooklyn heartbeat I'd be posting color snaps of the "1957 Boy Scout's Jamboree Nude Beauty Contest.

Yeah, and the "1968 Airline Stewardess Nude Jump Rope Competition" as well. Something for everybody ya know?

Anyway I'm just hanging out watching the "Great Race War" inch along. Also counting down till I'm shot by either gang bangers or cops. That'n going slowly insane, and reading really bad science if there was any other kind. Well okay these is, but so rare as not to count.

Stay Tuned. 

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