Saturday, December 13, 2014

"Barbie has the Shit Beat Out of Her"

Barbie who was on her way to the "Mattel Annual Christmas Chanukah Bar-B-Q Pig-out" got done! Our hero already blitzed from the all day parties in Toyland wandered into a "Don't Shoot" demo on Rodeo Drive.

She apparently thought it was some sort of house to house caroling group, and joined in.

She sang "No Justice No Peace" with she thought the other carolers. She later commented, "...a rather odd carol, but what the Hell it's Christmas I thought."

When they passed a Ralph Lauren Boutique she tried to enter. 

The Cops thought she was a looter, and kicked the living bleep out of her. All the while she tried to explain to the heat that she wasn't a, "...Negro!" That, and, "I'm a rich White person stop killing me!" 

Having lost all her cards, and I.D. she spent a hellish week in the system. "My goodness",...said the world famous toy. "The noise,...and the people." Prison is absolutely dreadful."

"You mean this is how Colored people are 'always' treated?!" Said the shocked bruised disheveled fashion doll.  "Something must be done",...said she stamping her foot for effect.

"No wonder my maid is always pissed off."

More on this as the Revolution proceeds.

Stay Tuned.

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