Monday, December 15, 2014

"Night of Nights"

I see you. Well folks of "Good Will" had a heck of a Christmas Party or "Do" on the night of "12-13-14". Which btw is the last time the dates will line up sequentially for another century or so.

Telling that.

Anyway the number celebrants as usual depends on which side you're on. The Police traditionally low ball all demo numbers. However the press/local TV radio put it in the 90/100,000 range. 

'Could have been more from what I've seen, but nice, and cozy numbers. Especially for such a cold day.

Given my cynical grumpiness I'm surprised so many came out not only here in the Emerald City, but around our weary Republic. Surprized, and gladdened.

Maybe there's Hope for us yet.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Several friends whom I visited today also participated in a similar demo here on the coast. Their teenage daughter was arrested and spent some time in a holding cell. It was, they told me, a truly disgusting filthy cell. Their son, also a teenager, got clubbed with a truncheon for coming to a young woman's aid whom the cops were beating. He was bruised on the face. I have great respect for these people for choosing to participate in this non-violent (except on the part of the police) action in support of justice. It's a great thing so many came out to protest.

    However, this does not mean there is hope. This ex-republic and the constitution which was its essence are dead, and will stay dead.


  2. Yes this is most likely true. The true ideals of the Republic are fatally wounded. If nothing else perhaps this day, and night shows that the Good people will not let the Dream go down without a fight.

    Bless you your friend's kids, and everyone that had the Heart to do something in the face of the gathering Darkness. For this they will be remembered. As is said, "...They are Worthy of a Song".

  3. What I wonder is why do the cops have to come out in riot gear and confront peaceful demonstrators in in the first place? True, there are likely to be some troublemakers in every such crowd - the anarchist brigade, typically - but they're a small minority, not representative of the protest as a whole. So why is it needful to send out an army of heavily armored cops every time a crowd of demonstrators exercise their 1st Amendment rights? Unless of course that Amendment & the document it comes from are effectively null & void.

    The incident in Oakland with the unmasked agent provocateur suggests that the authorities *want* trouble. They want peaceful demonstrators to have the crap beaten out of them & to be arrested, & they want to manufacture excuses for doing these things, & for spuriously making non-violent protestors look like hooligans or " terrorists."

    In fact it seems reasonable to infer that the police and the authorities who control them actively wish to perpetuate a state of affairs in which they can continue to summarily execute young black men and boys on sight, with impunity for themselves. So I guess maybe the death squads are already here.