Thursday, December 18, 2014


Hell's braking out all over the damned planet. It's hard to know where to start. 'Could go after them maniacs in Africa killing women wholesale because of Witchcraft fears. It don't get much ink in the west, but it's going like gangbusters over there.

'Course there's our favorite head choppers Isis.

 Just because they ain't on page one lately don't mean they ain't up to their old hijinks. Them, and related movements are picking up steam. Nobody seems interested in exterminating them much anymore. In fact local powers are cutting deals with them.

Anyway I had a look at our Russian pals, and they ain't changed either. They're putting Queer bloggers in prison, and beating the shit out of Dykes, and Fags on the streets to the applause of just about everybody.

Being a Queer in Russia is like being Black in 1916 Alabama or anywhere South, or Midwest in that era. No happy campers in sight over there.

The Russian Church in league with street thugs, and neo-Nazi bullies have turned Russia in a violent Hell. No one doses much about it. It has shades of the pogroms against the Jews. Such things were once common in the region. I'm fearful that such may happen again. The violence against Queers is just the opening act on a revived Russia of Czars, and Stalinists.


As much as I'd love to put cat shit in the slippers of 'ALL' the U.S. mainstream Straight/Gays there's something about the level of freedom we/they have here. What I mean is they don't beat the crap out of us, and kill us all the time anymore.

Sort of the same with being a Negro these days. On the whole they don't kill us that much anymore, and when they do it's a fucking shitstorm.

This 'Is' Progress,...of a sort.

I mean our lives aren't as cheap as they were. Mind you our lives are still very much on Sale. ...but not free for the picking as they used to be.

In Russia..Holy Fuck.

It's point blank open season on perverts liberals, and weirdos of all sorts. Basically folks like you'n me. If it wasn't for the high radiation levels it would cause I'd say invade the fuckers.

Well I guess we'll have to figure out something else.

This just in.

I just found out that Obama made friends with Castro. Seems we're all pals again...Holy Fuck! I really should read the papers more often.

( I didn't bother to print in large font...too damned lazy.)

Stay Tuned. 

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