Thursday, December 18, 2014

"Holy Fucking Shit!!!"

Like a fast ball into left field the news of the official recognition of the Stalinoid Commie Madhouse of Cuba by the Racist Celeb News Downsized Police State of the U.S. of A. took this Child of the Cold War like an unexpected blowjob in the Confessional!

To say I was surprised is more than an understatement, and as soon as I pulled my pants up I tried to gauge this new, and more than bizarre situation.

Thus far under the world's Christmas tree there's been nothing, but severed heads melting ice packs ruined economies, and wrongly executed Black Men.

However now most unexpectedly a deal brokered by His Holiness Pope Francis...wadda a guy. 

A deal that's given us some bonafide good news to sit cheek by jowl with all the foul shit that's been driving this reporter, and most of the world Krazy!

54 years of stupid Cold War 'Bullshit' is finally at an End!

The only maniacs that would be 'against' this gift from Gawd is a  certain commie New York public radio station, and them Miami Cuban Nazi Mafia freaks, and their pals in assorted intelligence agencies.

Which leads me to advise the Secret Service to put on some extra Heat if ya gets my drift. Obama's number could be up behind this deal. Them Miami guys along with those rich Texans, and the Mob put a hit on a President once before.

I don't see them changing their tactics one bit.

That aside Major League Baseball has just inherited a goldmine of talent. Vintage car collector are in Hog Heaven, and Internet moguls eyes are bugging out at the prospect of a whole new world to corrupt.

Yep United Fruit will be picking up where it left off. Only now instead of giving a cut to the Mob they'll be dropping off bags of loot to the Central Committee.

Me I looks forward to the first official Queer Day Demo in Havana!

I'll be ringside in my white linen suit, and Panama hat drinking Cuba Libre's, and eyeing the '59 Buick's.

More on this story as events warrant.

Stay Tuned.

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