Monday, December 29, 2014


The streets across our Grand Republic are jammed crowded with joyful proles as news of "Wars End" became public. The Afghanistan War ya know the one we should have been fighting instead that mess in Iraq? Well after 12 years of it being a back water to the War on Terror it is at last over.

12 years of our troops sitting in base camps, and getting picked off like the French one by one in them old Foreign Legion moves. After 12 years of that tragic tedium, and more or less a month of 'real' War it's all over.

Our Boys can come home with their heads held high,...if anyone notices.

'Course there's no jobs for these folks, and no serious medical since the VA is so backed up, and corrupt. Many will end up in Homeless Camps like that big veterans Homeless Camp in California another in Texas I hear. Both under constant harassment, and sometime open attack by Cops.

But still....

A job well done by our fighting men, and women on behalf of the oblivious the greedy the evil, and the just plain stupid that sent them there.

13 long years of a twilight struggle against the forces of Evil won! Well maybe not "Won" really. The frigging Taliban are still there chopping off heads killing women that have learned to read closing down schools, and assorted other jollies like that.

Also we're leaving behind a bunch of troops to be picked off in the Foreign Legion forts...I mean NATO Assistance Centers. This since as I say, and Command knows the actual enemy is still out there, and sucking up territory.

'And so our lads return home like their Fathers, and Uncles did after a similar Success in Southeast Asia.

'This' is what Victory Looks Like.


  1. The great thing about repatriating instantly unemployed and soon-to-be homeless vets is that they're now trained in counter-insurgency warfare (and therefore also in insurgency warfare). Leaving thousands of these energetic battle-hardened young folks hanging around at loose ends without a means of support and nothing much to do is, like, sooooo smart a thing for our government to be doing. But at least they're not ditching them there, which wouldn't have astonished me either.

    Since the Taliban will probably be taking over all Afghanistan again in fairly short order, it's not clear to me exactly what it is we've accomplished after who knows how many billion dollars and thousands of lives. And the place doesn't even have oil. Boy are we smart! We're just so awesome it blows me away.


  2. It's $TRILLIONS$ of Dollars.

    I think if you stacked them on top of each other they'd reach Saturn or something insane like that. As for the troops yeah we brought them home at least. Back in the ancient times they were left where ever they were. It was up to them to get home.

    This is where all them Hercules sort of movies of the 1950's came from. Ya know a bunch'a guy with swords trying to get the hell out of wherever the hell they were.

    These days we bring'em home. Once for labor, but now to fill the for profit prisons. Still your point about all them young men trained in the art, and skills of asymmetrical warfare,....hummmm. Will they work for the highest bidder or will they fight for get this..."Freedom".

    Yeah I know, but still at this point anything is possible.