Sunday, December 21, 2014

"Murder is Murder"

Two on duty New York City Police Officers were murdered in cold blood while sitting in their Patrol Car in Brooklyn. They were shot dead this past Saturday afternoon

The assassin a Mr. Brinsley, who has a long violent criminal record said he committed this heinous act as revenge for the many 'un-armed' Black men shot dead by Police in recent times.

He was quoted as saying that he was going to, "...put wings on pigs."

The slain Patrolmen Wenjian Liu, and Rafael Ramos both ironically examples of the multicultural reality of the City. Neither officer had any history of brutality or cruelty towards those arrested or questioned.

What can one say to this other than this or something like it was inevitable. Blood begets Blood. Murder no matter the cause is still Murder. I've heard some mention the old phrase:

"Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right, But it Damned Sure Makes it Even!"

So now we are at least in this town "Even" in Murder. Somehow this doesn't make me feel any better. I can't imagine anyone of good will celebrating this crime.

Of course there are those like the head of the NYC Patrolman's Union that are using this for ongoing personal, and political battles with City Hall. This is a sad, and unhelpful attitude. 

The Mayor, and the Union Boss need to work out their mutual beef in private. We need them on the same side right now for the good of the City.

This like the killings of the many un-armed Black men, and boys across our Republic will go into the mix-master of our National Race Hell. We are as I've said in other posts in a state of Low Intensity War in this country.

Like in all Wars the first to bite the dust is the Truth so tune ya Bullshit filters up to the bleeping Max!  Like in the news biz get there confirmations to any story. At my old shop we used four, and a good thing too!

The Police in the Emerald City are now openly in a siege/fortress mentality. It's us vs them to the end it seems. The public much of it is in the same frame of mind.

No good can come of any of this.

May the G-ddess protect, and forgive us.

Stay Tuned.

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