Saturday, December 13, 2014

"A WW-2 Moment"

Okay okay to chill me out let's have a World War Two moment. Back in the day towards the end of the war all sides were feverishly working on next generation war systems.

Everybody was working on jets, and trying to get them to the front as fast as possible. Ironically both the Brits, and Germans had practical prototypes flying just before the war.  

(The German Me-262, and the British Meteor above there.)

However the jerks in charge didn't believe they would be needed so development was retarded till towards the end when everybody was freaking out.

In 1945 the Germans came up with the famous buzz bombs which they used to blow the hell out of London,...again. The Japanese came up with a piloted version. Why who knows..they had a suicide thing going on. 

Go figure. 

Anyway it was as powerful as the "Buzz-bomb", but had less success getting to target.

Whereas the German buzz-bomb was a semi-guided missile launched a few hundred miles from target. The Japanese version the "OKA" or "Baka" had to be flown to near the target area by a medium bomber.

Most of these were shot down en-route to target.

Btw "Baka" means "Stupid" in Japanese. This is the name given this weapons system by American Intelligence.

Serious tough luck for the pilots both of the bomber, and the lucky lotto winner the "Baka" pilot. War profoundly sucks for everybody.


Stay Tuned.

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