Friday, December 12, 2014

"American Life"

NBC news is reporting that when a man embedded with demonstrators was recognized as an undercover cop, he drew his gun and aimed it at protestors, before making an arrest as his partner held off angry members of the rally.

Only a few dozen protestors were still present at the time, says KTVU, which reports that two agents of an as yet unnamed law enforcement agency were recognized, as demonstrators yelled, "Hey, they're undercover, they're cops!"

One of the officers pushed a protester aside. The man responded by pushing back and then the officer tackled him to the ground, handcuffing him.

The crowd, incensed, began to gather around them. The second officer pulled out his gun and pointed it at the crowd. More officers quickly arrived and dispersed the crowd.

The shocking pictures of the incident that have been circulating since Wednesday night were captured by by photographer Noah Berger for Reuters who had a gun pointed directly at him.

Sorry  gang I'm in such a fuck you shoot'em all, drop dead go to hell mood. This so-called Holidaze season is so deadly so evil so fucking bat shit Krazy Horrible that even 'I'm' freaked out, and blown to shit!

Aw man all the hell falling in on us. That fucking "Hard Rain" drowning the lot of us. The fall of Bill Cosby..he turns out to be fucking evil ass rapist. Swell just fucking swell. Nice going asshole. Thanks, thanks a lot for that.

Why don't ya do the right thing, and blow ya fucking brains out!

That, and cops still shooting the hell out of anybody that they see. They've gone nuts, fucking ass insane bat-shit killer nuts. War on Terror my ass. It's a War on the Poor the Niggers, and generally anybody that can't afford to live in a gated fucking community.

If I wasn't such a fucking Queer Faggot Peacenik I'd get me some firepower, and raise some personal hell. 

(...I'm such a Peacenik Faggot Pussy that I couldn't bring myself to post a pic of a real assault weapon. The above is a fucking BB gun!! Believe it or not. Yeah a Little something for the kiddies under da tree this year.)

Btw all that other hell that's been pushed off page one by what the celebs are doing for da Holidaze is still going on like hell!

Remember "ISIS".

Sure you recall them swell bastards that are so fond of chopping folks heads the hell off. That, and mass executions. Yeah whadda bunch. Truly they was made for these times. 

Anyway our old pals have lately taken to stopping buses, and interrogating the passengers as to their faith. If the say the wrong thing they're shot. Shot dead on the side of the road. 

BANG! Point fucking blank dead.

If they had their kids with them the youngsters are taken away. Who the fuck knows what will become of them. Swell huh? Meanwhile young adherents to da Faith are coming from the States, and Europe to join up, and get in on the fun.

Me I'd shoot them dead at the airport as they're coming or going. Guess that makes me as bad as the Buss executioners eh. Aw well these are hard daze ain't they.

Aw shit naw I couldn't kill anyone.

Not even them evil NAZI Isis fucks. However I do like thinking about it. Yeah I like that a lot. If I was still bleeping Katlick I'd have to confess all that shit...only to find the damned priest was thinking the same thing.

Hell of a world ain't it.

Oh, but what am I saying here. 

Aw gee...Merry Christmas!!

There's Big Sales on Crap we don't need which was made by Slaves, and Political Prisoners in China at da Mall!

....oh yeah wait.

I don't have any money.

I'm sure this was just a simple misunderstanding. Yeah, and one day we'll all be laughing over this. Thing about this guy is he's scared. Gut shit raging, and scared. The crowd was turning on him, and he knew his ass was grass.

Sure he, and his pal could get...what, maybe 3 or four people before they were on him. Thing is no matter what they did the crowd the people 'would' be on him. 

So yeah piss in pants sacred, and raging.

What you're looking at is the un-editied face of our War. Fear, and Rage. Thing is this poor bastard can see the crowd ain't afraid of him or his gun. He's in a world of shit, and knows it. Look at his's all there.

We're at War comrades for real War boys'n girls.

By the Blessing of the Angels for all concerned...well that or straight out pure dumb luck more cops arrived. The cavalry came, and chilled folks out. Otherwise this story would have had a seriously different ending.

We were all lucky this time.

Next time...dead cops dead shit..oh fucking shit. The fucking Kat will be out'a the bag big time then.

Aw man oh man. 

Merry fuck'n Christmas. 

Stay Tuned.


  1. This is why I try to pay minimal attention to the news. I find it's better for my mental health. Usually the headlines are enough to give you the picture, and beyond that - in the lamestream press at any rate - the stories are often full of lies, distortions or half-truths anyway. What's more, one then tends to become emotionally engaged, and that is to be avoided; it can only bring you misery. When you live in the decaying carcass of a dead republic, there's no way you're going to save it by being a well-informed citizen. It's better to watch a rerun of your favorite series or pop in a good DVD, and let the carcass we're compelled to inhabit continue to rot, stink, fester & putresce without our superflously helping to engage it in that process.

    That said, I can't help wondering how peeps in the crowd figured out these guys were cops. The one with the gun was trying to incite people to commit crimes - viz., was a classic agent provocateur - & so maybe that was a clue. Also, the local cops denied these guys were Oakland PD. So who were they? Some kinda Federal spooks? Creepy. But then, underhanded creepiness and extreme brutality are what we may realistically expect from our overlords & their minions.


  2. Aw dammmit.

    I don't watch or listen to the mediums of lies, but the shit sneaks through anyway. Ya know I'm actually concerned about leaving my building these days.Back in the day it was because of bad guys.

    Now it's the fuck'n cops.

    Ironically I always had good relations with these guys now,,, My last encounter was telling. Gruff talk nasty looks. That, and I'm just a senior prole walking by with my grocery's. Imagine if I was 16, and Blacker than I am.

    Shit I might get shot long before I get to kick the bucket from all my health crap.

    Anyway yeah I watch a lot of DVD's just picked up that new 'Twilight Zone" compilation, and some BBC crap. I turn on the TV just to see how long I can stand it...a few seconds. It's celeb shit or distorted local news.

    I watch a ton of documentaries on line otherwise I just sit looking out the window at the fall of our Empire. Wow it's come to this. I used to be out raising hell.