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 (Wisconsin GOP State Sen. Slams Kwanzaa As A Fake Holiday Invented By A “Violent Nut” And Perpetuated By Liberals, Dems)

 The above I swiped from some news site.

For once the NAZI RACIST BUTT HOLE REPUBLICANS got it right. Eh I put that in caps to let you know whose side I'm still on.

At the risk of contradicting myself I've always held that "Kwanza" the phoney Black Christmas was just that...a load of ethnic Bullshit. Btw so's Christmas, and all the other deluded holidaze.

Don't get me wrong folks are free, and most certainly should be free to believe in any convoluted crap, and whooie they want. This is what makes America great, and interesting.

A week doesn't go by when some bunch of well meaning lunatics doesn't go off into the woods to found the new Golden Age or some such. As a kid I'd sit with my Grandma, and watch various faith healers on her old black'n white Zenith grab people by the hair, and scream "HEAL! HEAL!!"

Heck it even worked sometimes. The mind is a powerful thing is it not. Incidentally I too have had what could only be called Spiritual events.

Some scary as shit!

Like the time I had yet another attempted out of body event. I say attempted because that time I actually held onto my bed rather than get slammed out into who knows where. Yeah I know, but it happened.

However that doesn't automatically mean that there's some guy or bunch of guys living in the sky telling us to hack folks heads off or burn books, and or their authors.

About Kwanzaa though. 

No it is not most truly not an ancient African faith lovingly saved, and hidden from the slave masters through our trial of Bondage. This false, but still moving tale I hear again, and again from very young folks. Even University students who should know better.

I hate to break it to you , but no it's not especially ancient at all. In fact it's somewhat younger than I am by a decade, and a bit. This "Ancient" creed was invented in Newark New Jersey in 1966.

Which means it's just as old as "Star Trek".

Now that I think of it there 'might' be some significance in the timing. I'll get back to you on that. Anyway it was put together by one Ron Karenga. 

Ol' Comrade Ron at the time was a demented "Violent Race Nut". I remember him making the rounds of the local radio, and TV talk shows advocating racial separation, and assorted nice things like that. His then favorite prop was a Bible with a Machete stabbed through it.

'Nice touch I thought.

In truth he never meant it to be seen to have ancient roots, but once you start making religious stuff up it grows legs, and runs.

It's a pity comrade Ron never trade marked this creation because he'd be richer that g-d today. What with the various mediums that have grabbed hold of it. From greeting cards to music to TV specials.

I just bring this up because of a conversation I overheard the other day. Two young ladies of Color were making fun of their folks for still believing, "...In that Christmas Shit...".

I wanted to spank them.

Ahem,...I resisted the temptation. As it would have ignited all manner of misunderstanding.

Though Christianity is a made up mis-mash of the various cults, and old tales from the copper, and iron age Mediterranean. I am still culturally Christian, and take offense when an upstart made up bunch of whooie challenges my lot of made up whooie!

You're getting my point here yes?

Eh,...while we're on the subject no there's no Easter Bunny Tooth Faerie Sand Man Moth Man or Boogie Man. 

However Smokey the Bear The Yeti, and Coke Bugs, ...for you Junkies out there, are real as Death, and Acid Rain. 

Oh yeah there 'is' a Santa Claus. 

This is somewhat complicated, and deserves it's own rather long post,...I'll get to it.

Anyway Happy Holidaze.

Drink heavily burn Yule Logs sacrifice chickens goats burn books hack off heads poison the wells of your enemies, and all the other swell stuff that guy in the sky wants you to do in these festive days. 

As for me I'm going to Christmas Eve service having a hot pastrami hero with root beer, and watching the digital yule long on my computer as it sends me to sleep with Bing Crosby crooning assorted Carols.

Eh...very nice. Umm, where the hell's the Turkey?!

Stay Tuned.

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