Tuesday, December 30, 2014

"Behind the Scenes"

Here are a few shots of our Hero "Bob the Bunny" (tm) at home, and on the set. Bob is actually a rather shy, and humble rabbit.

Through portrayed as a wild eyed club hopping rabbit about town. He's actually quite different. In his private hours Bob spends his time reading poetry doing Chinese calligraphy, and praying for world peace.

His twin bother Otto is another matter. Bob's often mistaken for his depraved brother. This has led to many misunderstandings with officers of the law.

There was the time Otto blew up the Eiffel Tower...or part of it.   

I must say that caused a bit of a stir. Especially with Otto's/Bob's face all over the worlds news mediums. Just going to the corner for carrots, and cabbages was a traumatic event for poor Bob.

Well that aside Bob's real name is Bjorn Rabinowitz Jones or Hank to his pals. Dear Hank lives a quiet contemplative life. That is when Otto isn't around hiding from Interpol till his latest caper cools off.

More later.

Stay Tooned.