Saturday, December 27, 2014


We're in some way perhaps as guilty as our Police in our attitudes towards each other. However our brethren in uniform are the only ones with the legal power of life, and death.

Their guilt for their actions or mostly in actions since most are "Good Cops". Their guilt weighs more heavily than ours because of that power. That unique, and overwhelming power of life, and death.  

All I'm saying is despite the strong passions we feel. We are obligated to reach out to others. Even those we believe have wronged us, ...especially these.

We 'must' reach out despite the labels of identity we hold dear. We will find I believe that the most unlikely persons have Hearts as wide as the sky. People we see as enemies, and who see us they same way will turn out to be our sisters, and brothers.

It sounds unlikely even corny. It sounds so because we have been taught by generations of rage, and suspicion to think it so. It is 'not' that way. My life experience has taught me this.

It's such a simple truth that behind our curtain of fear, and anger there hides a world of wonders.  

Hey I live in this real world. I'm no dummy com'on. I know intimately that things are horrible cruel unjust even murderous. This is true...all true. I just suggest all this can be overcome in a relatively simple...not easy, but simple way.


Amazing, but this stuff actually works. Where it's be tried around the world...Ireland South Africa, and other violent regions the thing actually does good. Even ends whole wars.

Amazing that.

Oddly it's never been seriously tried in the United States of American. Not really, and actually. Because we never tell each other the truth, and TRUTH is how the damned thing works. You bullshit, and lie it stays dead in the water. 

How it's done is we admit to we tell the Hard Truths about what we've done, and why. We go back to the seeds the very beginning of how our attitudes were formed. 

"What, and Why."

Regards our current troubles Police officers, and their command structures. They are asked what put them on a path of hostility even murderous rage against those they were sworn to protect. That, and those who are victims of this distrust say how they came to fear even hate the law.

Both sides admitting all wrongs. 

In the case of the Black community this means admitting to tolerating a culture of violent crime for generations...hard that. It's the one thing our,...I'm Black. This is the Great Unspoken Truth. As I say it's the one thing we will never own or admit to.

We need to...we must if we're to make peace.

The Cops need to say similar Great Unspoken Truths. Like their view of Blacks as less than Human. That, and worse Truths.

The Truth is the only way out of this.

The Simplest, and Hardest thing in the world.

Stay Tuned.


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