Saturday, December 13, 2014


UC Berkeley students found enlarged photos of lynched African Americans hanging from UC Berkeley’s iconic Sather Gate and a tree near campus Saturday morning.

Pastor Michael McBride, of The Way Christian Center in Berkeley, tweeted a photo of one of the cutouts hanging from the gate after a UC Berkeley student in his congregation sent it to him. McBride said there were three cutouts and that police officers took two them down soon after the student learned of them. Students took the third.

I did say we were at War.

Stay Tuned. 


  1. That looks seriously nasty.

    Cuts both ways you know. As I was driving home today in my much-dented povertymobile, a FedEx van partly blocked the narrow way and I was forced to drive around it. Coming down the open lane on foot were three black youths deliberately walking in the middle of the road toward me as though looking for trouble. Happily I managed to slip by without hassle, but otherwise I could've been in big trouble for being the wrong color.

    Once violence gets started on a big scale, there'll be irrational unjust violence and brutality of all against all.

    I really wish this country had a different and happier history.


  2. I had a similar event happen to me coming home from that Holiday Do tonight..3:00 AM there abouts. I live in a very diverse 'Hood. One group here are extremely conservative orthodox Jewish folks. They sadly don't get on well with anyone.

    Partly it's their culture which makes them live apart...fine. The other is their strong sense of ethnic/religious chauvinism. Any way what they do when they pass you on the street is spit on the ground.

    There have been many complaints about this at the local Community Board, When it really get's out of hand they read the riot act, and things cool off for a while. Lately it's been happening again. As it did to me just now on my way home.

    Well this is America, and anybody can be assholes.

    Still this is not fun.

    I'm sorry you had to go through your version of the same thing. Yeah we're in deep shit. Hang on Comrade.

  3. Sydney and Z,
    Yes: Deep Shit :(

  4. Hey there Lukas. Peace to you, and you also hang in there. We all need to stand fast to what is right. If needs be to the end.