Thursday, December 25, 2014

"Such Interesting Times"

Saying stuff like this could get me back into the Church. Pope Francis is the Kat's Meow! Thing is though folks that speak like this are in deep shit. I'd double up on the Papal Guards double quick!

This thing is looking like the old flick "Shoes of the Fisherman" more, and more everyday. ...See clip below.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Perhaps the Church has accurately forecast what's coming down the pike - viz., long-term global economic depression - and is positioning itself to be popular with the masses over the long haul. If so, this shows they're not stupid. The current Masters of the Universe, by contrast, are clueless and are in for some very nasty surprises.

    Happy Birthday to the Sun!


  2. As they say..."The French Aristocracy Didn't have a Clue either."

  3. As for this Pope. I truly like him. He give me Hope.

  4. I've just learned through online reading that Cuba possesses a substantial offshore oil basin. The current plunge in the price of petroleum makes the fracking boom a bust that will soon hit the financial sector very hard. We're heading into what will probably prove to be a severe depression. The powers that be are desperate to prop up the appearance of a robust economy: this unprecedented move shows just how desperate.

    By brokering this deal, the Pope brings millions of lapsed Catholics back into the fold.

    I think this gives us a pretty clear picture of what's going on. If I were the Cubans, I'd be very careful about this.

    On the upside, maybe we'll get a diplomatic corps of skilled mechanics who will teach us how to maintain a fleet of vintage automobiles. The Cubans have also become very good at high-density organic victory gardens - perforce, thanks to us; else they they woulda starved after the USSR went kaput.