Tuesday, December 23, 2014

"Two Waters"

The canal is back on the table.

President Daniel Ortega recently announced to the people of Nicaragua that he was giving them a "Christmas present": With the backing of Chinese money, work on the Nicaraguan "Gran Canal" is schedule to begin on December 24.

The planned route is 173 miles across the country, and includes the creation of a vast artificial lake east of Lake Nicaragua. The total cost is budgeted at $40 billion. Nicaragua is one of the poorest countries in the Americas, and could use the economic boost.

People have dreamed of a canal across Nicaragua for 500 years.

The Spaniards back in conquistador times. Napoleon III in 1850. American engineers at the turn of the century—they all had big plans for a canal through the Americas. But instead of Panama, they had in mind a route 300 miles to the northwest, in Nicaragua.

A look at the map reveals that Panama is much narrower, only 48 miles across.

 But Nicaragua was tempting for other reasons. There's that big freshwater lake in the middle. Compared to Panama, it was virtually malaria-free. And most importantly, it's flat—the lowest gap anywhere in the Americas between Alaska and Argentina.

That matters when you're digging away enough dirt to cut a continent in two.

Greetings Comrades, and Feliiz Navidad!

I stole the above highlights on the Nicaraguan Canal from that ritzy Conde Nast site. When I grow up to be in the 1% of the 1% I'm gonna hang out with them guys.

'But I digress.

Well the land of my grand-parents yep the Realm of the Red Emperors. The Magical real-estate where my folks fought on both sides of the Revolution is digging deep in the Americas. 

Sign of things to come for sure.

As the old Panama Canal opened the American Century so the "Nicaraguan Canal" heralds the "Lords of the Sun" to the Head of the Table. Finally my heritage might be worth something.

(When our new Masters shows up in your 'Hood I'll put in a good word for ya so be cool.)

Anyway this deal will likely punch Nicaragua's ticket out of poverty if the work the deal right. The Commies running the show down there are realists...thank gawd! That, and they know the sort of Snakes they're dealing with.

Com'on after having a certain Super Power trying to kill ya for the last 30 odd years teaches you a thing or two. Btw I have a pal that flew for them guys in the early daze when it looked sure ol' Regan was going to invade.

Yeah he flew around in this old beat up Ka-25. A former Russian Navy rig that the then Soviets tossed the Nicaraguans just to piss off Washington. It was a disarmed rusted out piece of shit.

However after some serious refitting by the local talent. Them, and various Gringos that came down to help out like my friend. They got it up, and running.  Hell the guys had to make their own spare parts for the thing!

Shows ya what you can do where ya has to. I like pilots they're a kind of priesthood of the air no matter where they come from.

I think I digressed.

Anyway good for Nicaragua! They certainly deserve a frigging break after all the crap they've had to eat. Also "Hail to our New Masters from the Glorious Realms of the Somewhat Red East!"

Weird times huh?

Stay Tuned.

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