Tuesday, December 23, 2014

"Holy Bleep it's Almost X-Mas!!"

Well we finally made it...Merry Bleeping Christmas to ya cool kats!

However Comrades this is perhaps the grimiest darkest Hoildaze period in years. I mean what with all the murder out in the world, and here in the Jolly Emerald City.

Sorry to bring all that up I know you know.

Me? ...same old routine. Seeing my doctors who tell me I'm still alive, and may stay that way for a while. This is better than before when I had one of tell me I had maybe 18 months left.

Yeah that go my attention okay.

However thanks to modern medicine, and Medicaid I can enjoy a long somewhat golden retirement nightmare.

Swell. I actually think I liked that 18 month thing better. 'But that's just me. Seems I got treatment just in time. As my internal gut'n blood  problems were in a downward cascade.

Thanks Dr. Chan for saving my life...I think.

What a gal!

I went to visit my dear sister yesterday. Had a nice brunch with her my brother-in-law, and a few of their pals. It nice to sometimes hang with folks that are in the real world, and doing stuff.

Seems my kid sister is getting all sorts of awards for her media projects. That BBC program she did about our family, and lynching in American hit home over there...not here mind you.

In Europe though her stuff is a hit.


I had the same thing happen to me sort'a back in the day. My Queer Angel, and Faerie ink drawings simple art books were all the rage over in Europe back in the day. 

Here no one would touch them. 

Even the the only Queer bookstore in town just took a very few copies on consignment, but wouldn't put them on display.

You had to know about them, and specifically ask for the titles.  If you didn't know all the titles they wouldn't tell you...swell huh?

"Land of the Free" my sagging butt!

I can't even afford copies of my work anymore. Single editions go for $200./300. buck s pop!  Good grief.  I think they think I'm dead.

Klik op de afbeelding als je deze wilt vergroten
Heb je iets om te verkopen? Verkoop het zelf

Details over  1978 Sidney Smith Bk Gay Art Uranian Lim Ed 200 SIGNED

US $275,00
Ongeveer EUR 224,35

US $35,00 (ongeveer EUR 28,55) USPS Priority Mail International | Details bekijken
Bekijk hier de details voor internationale verzending.  Hulp-pictogram voor Verzending: er wordt een laag geopend

 “A Handful of Angels,” by Sidney Smith, self-published in the U.S. in 1978, 10 pages, large softcover in thick matte wraps, 11” by 8.75”.

 First edition, limited to 200 copies, signed by the artist on the title page. Extremely rare publication by New York-based artist Sidney Smith, who produced a number of Uranian-themed publications and “fagazines” in the 70’s, all quite limited and underground.

This publication is entirely illustrated with full-page artworks on thick card stock, this copy with an additional loose print of the cover image, signed and inscribed on back.

Very rare.

In excellent condition.

Just look at this!

I can't fucking believe it!. 'This' title went for $5. bucks when I first did it...and 'I' paid the fucking postage like a moron! It's true artists just ain't good business people we just ain't.

For craps sakes old Vincent Van Gogh sold his stuff for cheese sandwiches. He did! Heck I did similar. When I was in my early 20's, and not yet regularly employed I sold originals of my stuff for food money.

So I guess there's an ongoing tradition here. 


Klik op de afbeelding als je deze wilt vergroten
Heb je iets om te verkopen? Verkoop het zelf

Details over  Inner Tides – Rare 1976 Uranian Poetry Gay Sidney Smith Art

US $150,00
Ongeveer EUR 122,37

 “Inner Tides,” by Bob Burdick, published by Gay Post in the U.S. in 1976, 11 pages, softcover in stapled wraps, 8.5” by 5.5”.

Extremely rare poetry book published by New York-based artist Sidney Smith, who produced a number of Uranian-themed publications and “fagazines” in the 70’s, all quite limited and underground.

This book features Uranian poetry by Burdick, illustrated with a vignette by Smith and lithographed front and back covers. This copy also includes a separate signed, dated, and inscribed sheet of artwork by Smith, along with a separate note to the previous owner of this.

Very scarce.

In excellent condition save for a couple teeny faint spots to cover.


"Hey guys I'm 'still' alive over here!"

Actually I'm kind'a glad I lived to see this. A person holds onto my work for their life time.  Then an heir finds it, and sells it to a book dealer. It passes to another soul who will cherish it.

In time it's passed on again.

As I say it's sweet to see this happen. If ya lives long enough you get to see your work take on lives of their own, and long outlive you. 

As for the Big Night,

For Christmas eve I'll likely go down to "Saint Marks in the Bowery" The artists church. Isador Duncan danced there Allen Ginsburg read there, and I gave a couple of sermons there.

It's the oldest Christian Holy Ground in this Dutch Colony. New Amsterdam/aka New York City the Emerald City!

It was built in the built in the late 1600's some-when. The "new" church was built about 175 years ago by Slaves. The narrow balconies are still there on the sides. This was were Slaves, and Freedmen were allowed to watch the service.

I like it up there.

I will sit there this Christmas Eve as I always have.

Loves you Folks.

Be back later.

Stay Tuned.

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