Saturday, December 6, 2014


Well okay right now there's a bit of a mainstream concern about the gunning down of Black youths, and young boys. Seeing these persons shot to pieces on a regular basis has stung the nation's conscience.

At least for the current news cycle.

Maybe the next cycle will be about some celeb's hanky panky at some night club or some other major event. Still okay for now folks having a few moments of unease over all this blood being sprayed about in Niggertown.

However when this momentary concern starts to wear thin what with the profound short attention span in this country...What Then?

Business as usual is what.

Since my post below showing the embrace of the Black youth, and White cop, which is now being said to have been "Staged".  In that post where I reached for some hope there have since been three more shootings of unarmed Black youths in this country. 

They should put up an electronic counter for this sort of thing in Times Square.

Sort of like the one counting the National Debt, and how much each individual would have to pay. I think it's in the $Hundreds of Thousands$ per head of citizen now.

So yeah put the "Shot Unarmed Darkie Counter" next the "The Debt Counter" in Times Square so we can always know at a glance where we stand as a country.

As I said in other posts rather bluntly. "The life of a Nigger in this country innocent or guilty ain't worth shit",...and it ain't.

Perhaps if the lives of Blacks were somehow lifted to that of Dogs we might be somewhat better off. I mean most cops like dogs, and might not be so quick to shoot one.

Till then we're just fucked.

Period, and Amen.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Staged? How very disillusioning.

    The kid looks sincere to me. But the cop - I guess he must be in the know.

    There are signs that we're in for another major economic crash, like in '08. As matters head south, the scene could get worse than ever. I hope not.


  2. Aw hell I joke about shotgun shells, and cans of beans, but hell it's starting to look real. Cop out of control shooting folks point blank for shit. The government unstable the money worthless. Not backed with anything other that the Fed's good wishes. China holding our paper, and maybe positioning itself to call it in. That, and the fucking weather is totally fucked up. Speaking of canned goods the price is still going up. A damned can of frigging soup cost half again as much as it did a year ago. Same with fruit meats the works. What's a Queer house frau to do?! On top of all this shit that sweet photo of the kid, and cop may be phoney. Aw hell. Aw man. I wish no one had told me that...I didn't need to know that. I needed that lie just to get through the damned week. Crap!