Saturday, November 12, 2016


All over the country people are being attacked by Trump supporters. Slowly these stories are finding their way to the press. Not TV. They're generally silent on this. Well that or just a moments mention with no footage so far.

Some whites now feel free to act out their worst bigotries. They hid for a few years now they're out having their "fun" again as they've done for the whole of this country's history.

I read that various Klan chapters have actually applied to march in the inaugural parade.

We're back to square one.

It's 1900, and we have to found the NAACP all over again. We have to found the Suffragettes all over again we have to found the Gay Rights movement all over again We have to found Immigrants Rights all over again. Again again again.

As a man who beat up a Muslim in Texas said, "This is a White man's country now".

Trump is a sad joke. However his followers are not. They're dangerous, and for some like me deadly. I'm not afraid of them. Having grown up towards the end of legal Jim Crow I always thought one day a white man or cop would kill me for fun or rage. It's just I don't have the angry fight I used to have as a kid. I didn't think I'd need to now.

Just as at the end of Reconstruction we've lost our freedom again. This time not just Blacks, but whole populations of peoples.

I feel like an old Jew that has seen too much. A lifetime of pogroms, and horrors.

Now it's November in 1933, and Hitler has just been elected Chancellor. No not for me an extreme comparison. This because it might cost me my life...not that I'm afraid.

Just so weary.

Stay tuned.

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