Tuesday, November 1, 2016

"Comic Books Suck"...a re-run. They Still Do.

"I don't read many titles anymore. All the books look the same. Same standard style near all the artists are interchangeable. Same stupid dreary stories. Ditto for the writers. 

We're in the Dark Age of the Comics Era. 

We're in desperate need of a New Wave or 'any' Wave. An artist friend told me,...besides "shut up", he told me that the industry...yeah he said "industry". He told me the comics mills grind out what sells. In other words total crap. 

True there are brilliant folks out there doing amazing things, but that's maybe 2% of the market. I grabbed 2% because it fits my bias towards what's out there. Aw well back to my yellowing copies from the "Golden Age'."


I wrote the above on a comics BBS. It was ignored mostly Tho' a couple of snarky jibes from the kiddies. 

As I then posted:

"Clearly many like the crap. I'd say a few generations have been trained to. Believe it or not it 'can' be better...you should 'demand' better."

The threads just went on yacking about various dreary super heroes, and their very predictable fates. The only interesting response came in an email from the site host that said:

"Though I'm in sympathy with your view the vast majority of the posters here like the way things are. That, and I've received several complaints about your posts. "Distruptive" was the general opinion."

Anyway we had a swell back, and forth on the history of our beloved art form, and how it's going to hell in a street car. I said I'd cool it because it clearly did no good to point out to the kids that they're being force fed buckets of rancid shit, and asking for more.

This 21st century sucks so bad it gives the ancient, and useful term "Sucks" a bad name. 


A comic from the long lost Golden Age.

The very pages "yellowed" with the love of it's old fans.


...and perhaps 'other' things.

Stay tuned. 

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