Saturday, November 12, 2016


  1. Yep, this is pretty much what I've been thinking lately, but was afraid to say lest I be shouted down, insulted and dismissed as a racist white supremacist patriarchal heterosexist woman-hating misogynistic pussy-grabbing genocidal closet Klansman & Vichy-loving Anchluss-adoring Nazi-sympathizing fascist. Well, actually, I'm not hetero, so I don't quite fit the mold, but you get the general idea. All the monumental tactical, strategic and philosophical errors he accuses the left of making it has indeed made, and these are the results. Brexit should have been a warning, but apparently they didn't get the message.

    Killing Sanders' candidacy was a fatal mistake. It was transparently undemocratic, reeked of political arrogance, and gave the impression that his campaign was intended from the start merely to keep the left wing of the party within the fold, never to offer them a genuine alternative. It is not demonizing Hillary to point out that she is too cozy with Wall Street, far too snug with a fawning media establishment, and dangerously prone to warmongering. People haven't forgotten that the job-destroying NAFTA and GATT and the Bailout of '08, so enriching to billionaires and ruinous to everyone else, were brought to us under Democratic administrations, not Republican ones, and can easily see that TPP is more of the same. Many would have voted for a real alternative - but got none, except Mein Trumpf.

    The violence of the Trumpenfuhrer's supporters is appalling; but let's not pretend there's no violence on the other side. The polarization that this election has generated in American society is so vitriolic that I don't know whether it can be resolved. I think we're in danger of serious civil strife breaking out at some point, possibly even civil war.

    If I can escape the poverty that's kept my feet nailed to this spot for years, I'll leave the country, even though I am not young. I'm convinced it has no future worth speaking of, or that I wish to be a part of. And it has *always* persecuted my kind with unrelenting malice throughout my entire adult life. I yearn to be free from it.


  2. Yearning to breath Free. Isn't that in some patriotic tome somewhere or other. Well never mind.

    Yeah if I had the bucks especially if I were 40 years younger I'd split out of this fucking failed State, and go somewhere a country with nicer people, and a sane government where I could live peacefully...with a few cats.

    however there is no such place, at least for the likes of me. So I'll stay fight if I have too...

    I'd rather be with the Queers, and Nurses rolling bandages. However I once fired an M-1 carbine so I guess that's enough basic the front I would actually go if I had to.

    Ain't this some shit,...and at my age too. This when I need naps be near a bathroom take meds, and dream of better worlds.

    Aw well.

    Where's my Dad's 70 years old M-1 instruction manual.