Saturday, November 26, 2016

"Ex-Boss of Cuba just Bones, and Rotting Crap like we All will Be"

                          In America you can always find a party.

                               In Cuba Party always finds You!


  1. Cuba has one of the best medical systems in the world. Furthermore, Cuba sends its doctors all over the world to help out during medical crises in various countries. On the contrary, the USA has a medical system that is the most expensive in the world (by far!!!) and ranks a miserable number 37 according to the World Health Organization. To add insult to injury (literally!!!) most of the developed world has free medical care. Face it Comrad, Amerika is a banana republic.

  2. Sure everyone knows that. I'm just saying Fidel Che', and his pals were a murdering bunch of shits. That's all.

    As I said on another page...

    "So long pal, and say "Hi!" to Stalin for me on ya way down!"

    1. You should take a look at your own leaders Sidney. They make Castro look like a saint.

  3. Also yes as I in my latter times here love to tell folks. We are just rotting garbage. Worm shit ultimately. How 'bout that.

    Where are all of our lofty philosophies then.

    As I see it...fuck ya brains out get high as hell smash things knife ya enemies to death, and set shit on fire.

    Life is short, and pointless. So let it be Hot!, and Merry while ya gots it!


  4. Also Comrade I hold Revolutionary leaders to a far higher standard than Predatory Capital Plutocrats. Our dead hero there I found profoundly lacking.

    For one he was 'President for Life'...gets worse from there.

    As I always say. American progressives are more than willing to let the Cuban people put up with shit that they would never...ever stand for here.

    Full stop.