Thursday, November 17, 2016

"Can this be Happening Here"

Is this Constitutional? The registry of an entire ethnic group.  This as Mr. Trump seems ready to do. His inner circle have said they are drawing up plans. Both Hitler Stalin, and the genocidal war lords of the former Yugoslavia did exactly this, and for the same reasons.

As I posted earlier about the mass roundups of immigrants. We can't let this happen. A plan needs to be set up 'now' as opposed to when we see Homeland Security State Police, and the National Guard on TV dragging people out of their homes, and from their jobs, and schools. Because then it will be too late.

Oh my dear G-d how I wish I were just being Alarmist.

I feel a deep cold hard sense of disbelief. I cannot grasp this reality. This is perhaps how people felt when the Axis formed. That or in the former Yugoslavia when your neighbors turned against you, and pointed your house out the ethnic cleansers. Can this be happening here. How can we here in America be speaking of such things.

Such things as this that have actually become real.

What are we what have we become?

G-d save the United States of America.


  1. It appears we've elected Sauron himself. No longer will our sexuality be saluted by hundreds of thousands of rainbow flag-waving celebrants. Instead, our kind will be universally despised and treated with the utmost contempt, shipped off to gulags for decades of internment, often to die in prison, unmourned and absolutely without apology for the ruin of their lives. We shall receive no restitution for the lack of joy in our lives created by this cruel oppression.

    In other words, so far as I am concerned, things are and shall remain exactly as they have been for the past 35 years: only with the possibility of rapid social and economuc collapse.


  2. I fear this is likely. What art I create now is for the generations yet to come. This because the present ones have at the extremes no interest or a passionate desire to burn it out.