Wednesday, November 9, 2016


I was both called, and emailed by friends, and some family,...including my Shrink that reads these pages. Basically they said stop being such a Drama Queen.

Um,...well I am.

Seems they all think this posting stuff is good for my relative sanity. Perhaps in a way it is. Okay okay. I'd miss it after a while anyway, and yes I'm very emotional about everything hence my Drama Queen-ness.

Look well,...okay we'll see what happens.

The damned country has just gone insane. Or rather the majority of white America just took their country back. The numbers are telling. 51% of white women, and 64% of white men.

These folks just sent a powerful a very very telling powerful message to everybody else that thought they were American. To them it seems we really are not.

I feel like a Jew in Germany when Hitler became Chancellor. Extreme reaction some would say. However at this moment I do feel this way. Btw That event that fall into the darkest heart. It happened on this very day. November 9th. That date in history. 

November 9th 1933.

We'll see where we go from here.

Be careful my friends.

Oh, more thing.

A dear friend from my radio daze un-friended me on Facebook today. This after a "real-world" friendship of near 30 years. He turned his back on me for politics.

That's how vile this whole election was.

He was a Hillary hater to the end, and was jubilant on my pages, and elsewhere about her defeat.

Again he was sort of a left ideologue Bernie or bust 3rd party type,...but still we were old pals. I just saw his thing as a kind of weird religion that had nothing to do with our being old pals.

I was wrong. There seems a lot of this happening now.

Anyway I asked him as a friend to chill on my page as many there were in mourning. He point blank just said "No".


He meant it too. His hatred for Hillary was extreme. I several times asked him as a friend to please calm down...he couldn't. He just kept posting ugly hateful, and jubilant things about the fall of Hillary.

I asked again, and again for him to stop. He responded that I was always a traitor to the "cause", and he would un-friend me, also to never call attempt to visit or email him again.

I'm left stunned. Open mouth shocked.

...what the fuck is going on?

I've since seen similar things on other FB pages. Friends cursing each other. Usually around the whole Hillary vs Bernie, and 3rd party crap. I even just a bit ago read a post of un-friending on a page. I guess in the ruins of these hours there are secondary kills going down.

First there's the great storm or mass carpet bombing...then there's the die off after the main event. Secondary kill as the military puts it. Disease starvation death by gangs.

What a terrible terrible time this is. I have no real explanation for any of these events. We have entered an era of darkness. Fear rage darkness, and betrayal.

On the upside root beer, and pizza are still good, and the gentle beauty of some kinds of boys,...and nice folks generally tickle the heart. These can never be corrupted.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Sorry to hear about your ex-pal Sidney. It seems to me delusional to project such notions of political damnation or salvation onto electoral candidates. It shows how unhinged we are as a society, and is a symptom of decline. Maybe the most important thing is to conserve what is beautiful against the encroaching darkness.