Monday, November 7, 2016

"Number Please"

Nope they won't. Not in a Million years. Get this. There I was it was 1964 I'm just 14. My tentative boyfriend from school called me up. I was surround by my whole family on our 'only' phone in the living room.

This as I tried to code talk my love, and lust for him, and he to me. As 'his' whole family was staring at him, and listening to every word.

These are some of the intimate horrors of the technological stone age rubbed our sweet though not remotely innocent faces in on a regular bleeping basis in the evil 20th fucking century.

                         Just look at this piece of useless Crap!

The fucking airhead racist greedy oblivious kids of today no matter which of the bullshit made up zillion orientations they think they belong to.

Who unlike us richly deserve the cruel torment of that bulking clunky expensive 19th century piece of crap that held our lives by a slender tho' curly thread!

These ungrateful shits could never in a Trillion years imagine that human beings once has to everyday put up with this ridiculous fucking stone age "Ma Bell" bullshit.

               Of course as always I mean all this in a nice way.

                                           Stay Tuned.

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