Monday, November 7, 2016

"The Alien Baby Threat"

This is a Facebook thread I had fun with old friends in. Yeah we're all now awake in the middle of the night without lives. We're retired or working with morons. So we enjoy ourselves together when we can.

If you keep pals they 'keep' you.

'Thread is short, but cute.

    Sidney Smith's photo.

    Just in time for Christmas/Chanukah you can now get cute seriously weird, and totally anatomically correct fictional "Avatar" Na'vi baby dolls. Why I'm not sure, but you can get them.
    Well they are cute, and all in a sort of alternate reality sort of way.

  1. Sidney Smith Dear Santa besides the kilo of Medical Meth, and case of Jack Daniels I asked for. Could you throw in a few of them "Na'vi" space alien "Avatar" baby dolls...thanks. Eh sorry about that Cherry Bomb booby trap on the roof back in 1958. It was my cousins idea anyway so ya know...sorry.
  1. Lucie C. McAllister Look like marzipan...

    Bill Weinberg We're doomed.

    Lucie C. McAllister Already there have been "Monster High" teenage dolls, I suppose these are their babies, but much larger.

    Sidney Smith "Doomed" Well yeah that's a given. Though I don't think you can eat the alien babies. However here's some Marzipan piggy's. So...

  2. Lucie C. McAllister Have seen realistic mini, carefully sculpted marzipan babies. Non edible but marzipan nonetheless!

    Sidney Smith "Marzipan Babies",...well yes, but why?

          Lucie C. McAllister Wonder why they're inedible, all the germs or chemicals added to the 
          marzipan to make it last for good.
    Sidney Smith Well I wouldn't want to eat exact scale sculptures of palm sized infants anyway. I mean I have a rather huge plate full of traumatic items already. Still it's an idea. Say video someone eating a bag of these things on he subway during rush hour. ...might be interesting tho' dangerous.

  1. Sidney Smith Btw I must say this thread is going in rather unexpected, and interesting directions.

  2. Lucie C. McAllister People have made life size baby cakes for baby showers! As for eating a bag of edible replicas of these on the subway, kids do eat candy or vitamins that are dinosaurs and characters ...... But no.Teehee!
    Write a reply...

  1. Sidney Smith Yeah them Monster High doll guys. I think "Bob the Bunny" dated one once...let me find the snap.
  1. Right here's "Bob" with one of them "Monster" gals...never got her name. Below She, and Bob were going to catch some stuck up show at the Met.

  2. Lucie C. McAllister Why her? Amongst all others? Is it because she's the rare blonde one?

  3. Sidney Smith Well "Bob the Bunny", above, only sees in infrared so the "Blond" angle ain't an issue with him,...I think. That infrared thing explains his assorted eyewear btw.

  4. Lucie C. McAllister That monster high doll looks like a cross between Melania Trump and either Chelsea or Hillary Clinton, don't ya think? Infrared reveals such things.

  5. Sidney Smith Humm,...good point.

         THREAD ENDS.................................................................

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