Monday, November 21, 2016

"Wot da Fuck did I get Myself Into?!"

Ya know watching Trump since he got the office of President of the United States of America. I get the impression that he's overwhelmed at the vast scope of what he's now solely responsible for.

That he can't pass off the governing of 350 million people the largest most power military in human history. That, and leading not only this nation which is a worldwide Empire in all but name, but the ministering to global commitments on whom billions of lives depend.

Anyone would freak out at the prospect.

Which is why only the most profoundly exceptional people get into that office. He knows he is not, and seems terrified at what he's gotten himself into. Which put us all here, and around the world in the most desperate of situations.

For these reasons I said a prayer for the demented bastard, and will continue to pray for him, and all who must live with his rule.


Stay tuned.


  1. Yours is not the first such speculation I've read, and I think you may be right - that he didn't really want to win. Maybe there's an upside to this.


  2. That's what I'm seeing. During election night they say he went silent. Stayed alone. The photos I've seen of that showed a man not concerned with the numbers, but afraid...period.

    Even towards the end he was saying, "...hey if this doesn't pan out I have a very nice life to return to."

    I think that was his wish...said similar several times towards the end.

    That didn't sound like a man who wanted power.

    So to his Horror he won. The fact that he's packing his staff, and cabinet almost at random says much. He's looking for wonks that can do the heavy lifting so he can split.

    This is good, and bad.

    Good we won't be governed by a 16 year old rapist.

    Bad we 'will' be governed by the worst that the far right can shit out on us.

    As always I mean this in a nice way.

    We may not have elected a Nazi after all. Just an absentee landlord.

  3. At this point I think it may be premature to work ourselves into a frenzy of consternation about Klan rallies, imminent roundups of undesirables & the like. You know what is the thing the thought of which scares the crap out of me? Hyperinflation. Bread at eight dollars a loaf, then thirty dollars, and up. That's the sort of thing that can bring on the really, really bad times.

    The levitation hoodoo that the Fed & other central banks have been working to sustain the economic Indian rope trick of the past eight years is remarkable, but must fail at some point. Trumpo's term may well prove to be the inflection point. But I hope not just yet.


  4. We the whole kit, and caboodle balances on a knives edge. Everyone with two neurons firing knows the shit is about to fall, but feel helpless. So they just go on with their day to day lives.

    Not many are or can do anything meaningful to change this. So here we are just waiting. I thought the banks would run the day after the election or the next day. So far all of our owners seem to be in a let's see mode.

    Waiting to see if this maniac will play ball so the "Rope Trick" can carry on till 2020 or '24. Because they know after that game's up.

    in a way I'm lucky since it looks like I may not be here when the balloon goes up, but we'll see my luck may run out, and we'll both be here...while the power lasts.

    We'll be chatting about the food riots, and rumors of cannibalism in the Ozarks.