Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Okay this is just my weariness speaking so take it with a dash of meth.

However.....As an heir of the Ginsberg Whitman Burroughs portion of Queerdom. My tribe feels expelled vilified, and forgotten. Replaced as if we never were by assorted assimilated "Stroller Pushers", and the "Were just like you" generations.

( My children we are 'not' like them. Not remotely.)

I fear our "assimilated" brethren will now find that they're 'still' just "Faggots" after all. As those already assaulted, and bloodied on the streets now know.

I personally did fear this reality would come for some years. Just as the assimilated Jews of Germany or the assimilated Muslims of the former Yugoslavia found to their horror that they were not in fact safe...never were.

The forces that wanted their blood was just patiently waiting for their time to act.

G-d save the United States of America.

Stay Tuned.


  1. There are very few of us who even remember this Sidney, and it will come, sure as hell, to bite them in the ass.
    "We use media to destroy cultures, but we first use media
    to create a false record of what we are about to destroy."
    Edmund S. Carpenter, 1972