Wednesday, November 23, 2016

"Ave Maria"

Ya know my old Uncle J.B. as we called him,...John Baptiste. Well he got the calling in his middle years after a bout with drink. Stayed a preacher till he was either 98 or 102 depending on which family faction you're in. Gave one of his brimstone sermons the Sunday before his passing.

Show business the clergy, and business run clear through my family both sides...though' being in education is more my Mom's side.

Anyway humm...Maybe I could start my own sort of store front chapel. "Uncle Syd's Frist Church Amazing Bewilderment". This following Uncle's example. Been thinking that for years. When I was on the air I partly thought that's what I was doing anyway.

All Welcome! Any faith non-faith. Wear any shit ya wants, but no food in the in the nice yard in back. Pets welcome too, but ya has to clean up after them same with babies...nappies, and poop bags available free of charge.

All donations tax deductible. ...yes we take cash, and volunteers always needed.

Used DVD's, party hats, and comic books very welcome. Try not to shoot up in the that at home before you come by...addiction referral well as food stamp info, and other survival jazz.

Also always looking for local musicians poets, and or bands to liven things up. smoking...but okay in yard. Looking for volunteer nurses to assist the congregation if Angels or any other spooks happen to show up.

We specialize in the exorcism of Republicans, and Algebra teachers. ...honest it won't hurt a bit,...I'm pretty sure. "

                         Come to our Christmas Eve Feast of Saint Frida Service".

                                                            Stay Tuned.

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