Thursday, November 10, 2016


When the time for the round-up of Immigrants comes we have to be ready to protect them. Which means we need to plan how now. When it starts, and in some form it will. We need to have a plan in place.

In Europe good people mostly waited too long to save the Jews, and others marked to death.

We shouldn't wait for the expulsions to be underway before we act....I am not brave I am no activist. However I am a Queer. An American too...mostly. Also a comic book reading anarchist lay about senior citizen angel/fairy picture drawing "Dr. Who" fan.

Even with all that I know there needs to be a plan in place or our sisters, and bothers are fucked. That bastard Trump repeatedly made a promise to his hoards of drooling goat fuckers to grab up 11 million people.

How he plans to pull that off I can't imagine.

Anyway he better at least try to keep his promise. That or he's going to end up like that maniac Gaddafi. Basically chased into a sewer by a gang of booze, and methed up good 'ol boys who'll cut his nuts off paint him blue then crucify him on a 7-11 sign.

So given that entertaining Door #3 the evil fucker is for sure going to try.

So we need to be ready.


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