Saturday, November 12, 2016

"My Country Tis' of Thee..."

This is how serious it is. Here is an exchange with a friend on FB. A political activist, and Bernie or Bust fan. Who feels that maybe progressive populists could work with Trump. If not his organization then with him personally.

Here is our I see now tragic back, and forth.

William George The Populist Left does not stand a chance now against the Populist Right that won. We're going to work with Trump. We could never worked with Hillary. My game plan for freedom for us all has now changed. I really did not realize the evil of what we were up against, the left.

Sidney Smith So you're working with outright fascists,...I mean for real fascists. Not the make believe ones the left chants about, but the real deal. These people that beat bloody people like yourself. This because you hate the Liberals. Well fine good luck. They in time will harm or even kill you,...and me, but good luck.

William George no not the people who would/will kill me but with Trump himself. A big difference Sidney.

Sidney Smith True Trump the person is just a sad joke. A bankrupted TV show has been. However his followers will kill you, and me. His followers are all that matter from now on. They are as we post out there attacking people hear exactly like you, and me. Read about Italy in the late 1920's, and 30's. Trump is not Hitler...he's Hitler Lite. No camps, but you or I could disappear in the night. That's no joke either. Such 'will' happen. You hear

William George Sad --- I cry --- and --- I work ahead Sidney. The Left has offered me no protection: None. Only strict constitutional judges did that in Oklahoma.

Sidney Smith ...stay away from them. The less they know about you personally the longer you live. I feel like a Jew warning another Jew that no you can't work with Chancellor Hitler or his organization. You getting this? Please don't.

William George I hear you Sidney.

              Such are the way of things in our Republic right now.

                                              Stay Tuned.

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