Wednesday, November 16, 2016


In these days like so many I've felt sad confused threatened weary. I sleep much. Late this morning I took Dramamine, and slept through the afternoon.

I had two Dreams.

The first was of my "Wandering Time" as I call it. Some of you here know the story. For a year from Spring to Spring I wandered the streets of our great Emerald City.

I had lost my home.

The sun, and moon chased each other through the seasons. Below, and within this I walked in heat, and cold rain, and snow. I dreamed this time like soldiers dream of their wars.

Like my father, and brother dreamed.

I remember from my childhood the cry's of my dad as he slept. His calling out, and moaning. Later my brother after his war did the same. They dreamed of their wars, and now I dream of mine.

This dream this harsh realm morphed as dreams do to other places, and other times.

My second Dream.

A wonder a fantasy a reality. A theatre I was in a theatre a palace a wonder. I seemed to be...what?  A spirit a wizard? All around people children sang danced great sagas told hymns sung.

There was joy in my heart.

With a sword of crystal I was knighting girls boys, and as I did they grew halos. Even in the dream I're kidding.

Everything morphed slightly.

I was walking about this dreamland almost aware that it was a 'just' dream. There were beautiful frescos on the walls. Also creeping vines curling merrily about them.

My day realities were at the edges these visions fighting to come through, and awaken me. However kept at bay with magic. That magic of which I said earlier I didn't believe in yet clung to as a comfort.

I passed behind a screen which was Japanese,...but not. When I came from behind it. Darkness. All the colors faded.  coldness all about.

This world morphed again.

I was in my wandering time once more. In the cold, and wet just as my dreaming began. Yet I heard faint singing as from the former palace-theatre. Beautiful  so far in the distance, but I heard it I listened.

Then I awoke into our present troubles.

Beauty, and hope distant, but not lost not gone.

This was the lesson.

This was hope.

Stay Tuned.

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