Thursday, November 3, 2016

"Pointless Climate Rant part l"

This is smelling like last year's non-fall, and non-winter. Basically they were both a slightly cooler version of summer. The world is out of balance.

Today while sitting in the park the fact that I was in a t-shirt on November 2nd plus all the mayhem of the human world. I got weepy. I don't usually go there.

I think just the overt wrongness of the season, and the knowledge that 'we' did this plus our endless wars persecutions poisonings of the planet the whole shebang was just for a moment too much.

Turning leaves yet summer temps. So wrong. Still local weather persons continue to describe this climatic disaster as "More wonderful weather this week..." 'And no one notices no one cares, and things go on as usual yet our early extinction is writ in the bright warm skies.

Stay Tuned.

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