Tuesday, November 29, 2016

"Warm Humid Winter"

It's November 29th it's warm humid, and raining. Just thought I'd mention this. For the NYC metro areas for this time of year this is,...odd. Well perhaps not as we've had warm winters for some years now.

Aw well.

Life goes on. I have a real yen for Pizza. haven't had any since my medical problems became serious. I may go out into our warm rain to get some.

It don't take much to make one happy these daze.

Actually some snow would...that would make me 'very' happy. We had a few flaks blown in the wind on those two daze the temps went almost normal.

Snow,....how I miss it.

Btw since we're wishing for the impossible here. Why not have it rain twinkles, and not that old breakfast food. Have it rain little stars. that should freak everyone out pretty good.

If I were a Wizard I'd be doing neat shit like that all the time.

(...Btw France is still ahead of the whole world in viewing this Blog.)

...go figure.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Isn't that pretty much what snowflakes are - tiny geometrical ice crystals?


  2. Dear Uncle Sydney, I was sorry to read of your health problems. Paul Martin mentioned your blog, and so I visited. The recent deplorable debacle of this past November eighth was in my mind when I visited and your comments on the subject are very welcome.

    An anonymouse.