Wednesday, November 2, 2016

"Aw Fuck This"

Everybody having a good time? Swell. Well here's some more good news. Law enforcement around the country is bracing for possible post-election violence from one of the contending parties.

Assaults against people of color the gay community immigrants women, and the rest of the usual suspects is more than likely. These attacks may happen in revenge if Trump loses or in celebration if he wins.

The days weeks, and months after the election will be dangerous for the un-white unchristian or un-stupid. In other words the lead up to the inauguration will be a dangerous time in this Republic.

I don't know what plans law enforcement have for these possible events. I mean assuming they're not going to be active participants in the gleeful revels.

Being a long time Negro I take this noise seriously. This as even in "normal" times I'm in general danger anyway. So I guess I'll be staying  home, and ordering a lot of Chinese delivery till 2020.

Stay Tuned.

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