Monday, November 7, 2016

"Rouge Boy"


  1. Eh,...ahem. Yes,...I,, understand. Ahem.

  2. Speaking of lads I just had a dream that for once wasn't a nightmare. No dead relatives freaking me out no bleeping monsters from the Id chasing me all over the damned place.

    It was sweet. I was in some sort of academy or maybe an 18th century Royal Navy tall ship. The whole damned crew was boys, lads from stem to stern!

    ...including me.

    Actually in them days lads were in the R.N.

    Oh the boyhood I never had...never had a breath of a whisper of a hope of having. So now at this late hour here it is in a brief, but kindly dream.

    Anyhow it was all morphing into surreal swell assorted weird shit. Neat joyful fun. Skinny dipping off the side of the ship too. this dream went to kindly gentle places.

    Like I sez it was boyish fun like I never had as a lad.

    I guess the Angels decided to cut me some slack, and toss me a nice one for a change.

  3. That is a great dream Sidney! I had no idea the RN had training ships like that. Maybe we should start our own navy.